Eco-friendly Products for Better Health

Working in the child care industry, I saw a dire need to start addressing the lack of eco kids’ products available for mums and dads. Time poor doesn’t have to mean poor health. If the healthy alternative is easily available at a good price, then the choice to do what is right for your child is a no brainer.

Green Kids Co. products are developed under the guidance of eco and nutrition professionals to exceed stringent Australian standards.

“We eliminate toxins from the get-go so there’s zero chance they can infiltrate kids’ lives and do their sneaky damage.”

Our all-encompassing compliance guarantees that Aussie kids are receiving the very best organic alternatives while caring for the sustainability of our natural environment.

Green Kids Co. products are sustainably developed with a focus on reducing environmental impact in both their production and consumption. We think if it has a negative impact on nature then it has to have an equal, if not worse, impact on the kids of today.

We want to fight toxic crime for the next generation!

Rebecca Tapper Mother, Nutritionist and Founder

Rebecca Tapper (mother to Elysse & Grace and our co-licensee) is a passionate naturopath, nutritionist and foodie. Bec will be intricately programming the Kindy Kitchen menu with the aim of providing the best, most wholesome, nutritionally balanced, home cooked meals, all made with love.