How do I log in to my account?
You’ll find a button in the top right of any page called “My Account” – click there and enter your account credentials.

How do I view my previous and current orders?
Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can view all your orders and their status’.

Uh oh … I’ve forgotton my password!
Never fear, it’s easy to reset. Just click on the “forgot?” button in the log in screen and enter your email address in the new field that appears.
A password reset email will be sent to you within 10 minutes. Simply follow the link contained within to create a new password.

How do I sign up for your Wham Bamboo Subscription Bundle?

  • If you already have an account, log in and roll over the products tab in the menu, then click on Monthly Bundle.
  • If you haven’t created an account yet, simply skip the log in process – you’ll create an account during checkout.
  • When you’re on the Subscription Value Pack page, you can choose your nappy size and frequency of delivery.
  • Click the Add to Cart button.
  • Navigate to the checkout (in the right hand column or top right of the page). Here you can tell us if you’d like more than one Wham Bam Bundle or simply go to the checkout.
  • Navigate the checkout as normal, ensuring your details are all correct.
  • Insert your payment details and finalise your order.
  • Sit back and enjoy the convenience of having the nappies and wipes your happy little human needs delivered to your door!

Changing your subscription settings – delivery address, payment type, frequency, delaying or cancelling.
• Log into your account via the My Account button in the top right.
• You'll be presented with a page that allows you to navigate through the various parts of your account - manage your orders, subscriptions, skip a month, update your payment details, shipping details and product size. 
• If you want to cancel or change your subscription, we require 1 weeks notice before your next order date. 

Please note, if you pause your subscription, our system will allow up to 6 weeks of delayed orders at which time your subscription will then re-start automatically.

What are Green Kids Co. nappies made from?
• 100% Toxin free eco-friendly materials
• Breathable corn-based wetness lining
• Sustainably grown, soft bamboo bio-fabric
• Forest friendly, environmental wood pulp inner