Bamboo Nudie Wipes

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80 hypo allergenic wipes.
Wipe size: 200mm x 160mm.
Made from the bare essentials to be outrageously soft, clean, green and offer the highest eco-quality on the market. Our feather-softorganicplanet-friendly materials create super soft, yet strong wipes that cleanse your babies skin without any of the nasties. 

• 100% toxin free bamboo bio fabric
• Silky soft, sustainably grown and renewable
• No artificial brighteners, dioxins or carcinogens

100% Toxin free - for happy little humans

Bamboo bio fabric - silky soft, sustainably grown and renewable.

No artificial brighteners, dioxins, carcinogens - wrap your baby in clean, green fun!

Industry leading biodegradability -  biodegrades in 10% of the time of regular plastic nappies

Completely nude!

Super soft yet strong.

What the peeps say …

Mandy Cabral Gold Coast

We absolutely love these nappies! I feel good knowing my girls are wearing all natural and eco-friendly nappies that are actually incredibly soft and long lasting. My 3 year old says they are a cool style and really comfortable. And great they retain their form so they can be used again after a dry night.

Rachel McGowan  Gold Coast

I love Wham Bamboo Nappies and so does my 3 year old daughter. They are the best fit that I have found and are so soft on her skin. They are perfect for the toilet training stage as they can be used like underpants with the pull up design. My daughter is also prone to nappy rash which she hasn’t had since using these nappies. I have had no leakage and I love that they are eco-friendly. A huge thumbs up from me and my daughter!

Michael Vanderhelm Gold Coast, Qld

What an amazing product! I have 5 kids and always used the mainstream branded nappies. Green Kids Co. have a product that is as good as the main brands, for a similar price and best of all saves the environment. Well done GKC, finally a product that I am happy to 100% recommend!

Niki Currey Gold Coast, QLD

“These nappies are so soft and comfy an they work great. Nice to see an eco product that actually feels nice! ”

Nikki Moreta Gold Coast

Amazing nappies!! I love how they are more stretchy then the other ones on the market, it helps when you have a wiggle worm baby during nappy changes

Ché Black Gold Coast

Wham Bamboo's are really easy to slip on my 1 year old (when I can catch her!). They definitely offer superior quality in terms of comfort and absorbency and I love that they are a natural alternative without any chemicals. It's so hard to find eco-nappies with prices similar to the supermarket brands, so these are a real find! 

Renee O Regan Gold Coast, QLD

“Very cool and soft too. I'm happy to put my kids in some good quality when its green”

Maraika Taylor Gold Coast Australia

A biodegradable nappy that is also extremely absorbent! No plastics and a cool design. I've been disappointed before with Eco-nappies that have left my baby wet, these have performed pretty well. I 'd give them a 4 out of 5 and will recommend to my Mummy community.

Katie Eccleston Gold Coast, Qld

“Great product. I cant wait to see whats coming next”


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